Anerkennung für wen?

Wer Muslime ähnlich den Katholiken und Reformierten staatlich anerkennen will, muss sich fragen, wen er denn nun anerkennen will – die Islamverbände vertreten nämlich nur sich selbst.

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Culture is Beautiful: No Excuse for Abuse Register for the event here:  #16Days  #NoExcuseForAbuse

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“The Supreme Court’s 2020 McGirt decision opened a bizarre loophole for Oklahoma criminals: Nearly two mil­lion peo­ple live in the parts of Ok­la­homa where jus­tice now de­pends on both the per­pe­tra­tor’s race and the vic­tim’s race.”…

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#Iran: “The blast was heard in the area of Badroud, around 12 miles from the Natanz nu­clear site, ac­cord­ing to IRNA.The in­ci­dent in­volved a sound and then a flash of light in the sky,re­ported Fars News Agency, an or­ga­ni­za-tion close to the IRGC”…

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