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RT @SFDYemen: يُبنى الغد على أسس 🔗 الحاضر. ونحن نبني #رؤية في كل تدخل. شاركونا رؤيتنا ليمن أفضل🇾🇪 إكتمال طريق اليوم في خميس بني سعد #المحو…

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„With U.S. troops leaving, the #Taliban advancing, and a steady collapse of security force bases and outposts, the #Hazara and other ethnic groups in #Afghanistan are raising militias.“ @NYTimes…

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Fact Sheet: the sixth wave of @ArabBarometer,citizens from seven countries in the #MENA were interviewed within the period of July2020-April2021, tracking citizens’ evaluations of their economic situation during #COVID19 pandemic.…

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